Mount Pleasant Family Dentist

We care about the oral health of you and your family -- and we understand how busy life can be. That’s why at Richards & Ribitch Dentistry, we offer a full range of services to meet your family’s dental needs.

From routine dental checkups and oral hygiene services, to oral cancer screenings, orthodontics, and periodontics, it’s all available here at Richards & Ribitch Dentistry.

From the art collection on our walls to the iPod/Pandora hook-ups in all of our dental chairs, we’ve created a warm, comfortable space that appeals to people of all ages. We treat our patients like family, and genuinely enjoy catching up with them at each visit.

At Richards & Ribitch Dentistry, we help our little patients maintain optimal dental health throughout childhood and adolescence. Not only do children and teenagers receive the same quality, comprehensive care as their parents -- they also receive education on proper dental healthcare and hygiene. We want children to understand the importance of flossing and brushing regularly, and how good oral habits can prevent gingivitis, periodontal disease, and tooth decay from occurring later in life.

We’re proud to be your family dentist of choice here in Mount Pleasant. For more information on our personalized approach to family dentistry, please feel free to contact us anytime.

If you need more information about a Family Dentistry in Mount Pleasant, contact us today.

Now for some fun and games:

Ricky's First Dental Visit Kids Zone Ricky's First Dental Visit Ricky Brushes His Teeth Kids Zone Ricky Brushes His Teeth Sugar Mountain Game Kids Zone Sugar Mountain Game

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Ricky Brushes His Teeth Coloring Page 1 Ricky Brushes His Teeth Coloring Page 1 Ricky Brushes His Teeth Coloring Page 2 Ricky Brushes His Teeth Coloring Page 2 Ricky Brushes His Teeth Coloring Page 3 Ricky Brushes His Teeth Coloring Page 3 Sugar Mountain Coloring Page Sugar Mountain Coloring Page