Mount Pleasant TMJ


If you’re experiencing constant facial pain, bite problems, headaches, or persistent discomfort in your cheeks, shoulders, or neck, you may be suffering from temperomandibular joint disorder (TMJ disorder).

TMJ disorder is a condition that affects the temperomandibular joint, which connects your lower jawbone to your skull’s temporal bone -- allowing your jaws to move smoothly when you yawn, eat, and speak.

With the help of digital X-rays, your dentist can effectively diagnose TMJ disorder during a full examination of the inside of your mouth, your jaws, and your bite.

A number of different treatments can be prescribed, depending on the severity of the problem.

In minor cases, simple treatments like painkillers or cold compresses are prescribed to alleviate symptoms. In severe cases of TMJ disorder, more permanent solutions are selected -- such as laser and radiowave therapy.

Other treatments -- such as bite appliances, mouth guards, crowns, and bridges -- can also be prescribed by your dentist, depending on your needs and the severity of your condition.

Because TMJ disorder is known to persist for many years, it can significantly interfere with daily life. If you are a TMJ disorder sufferer, or have yet to be diagnosed, don’t hesitate to contact Richards & Ribitch Dentistry to learn more.

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